How a Smoothie Changed my Life: The Fab Four Smoothie

At the core of many health movements, you’ll find a smoothie. A lot of them are chock full of fruit, while some rely on sugary ‘protein’ powders. The smoothie that changed my life, also known as the Fab Four Smoothie, has neither of these, but is instead a complete meal created from REAL FOOD ingredients.

I have had somewhat of a complicated relationship with smoothies. At my first attempts at being ‘healthy’ when I was in college, I thought a ‘smoothie’ was a great way to work towards my health goals. The smoothies I made were heavy in dairy and fruit, and not much else. I would be hungry an hour later but, because of my really limited knowledge about nutrition, I didn’t understand why.  I had totally subscribed the idea that a calorie was a calorie, and paid no attention to the quality or type of food I was eating. I now know that, for me at least, a smoothie chock full of fruit and dairy is a recipe for spiked blood sugar and a pretty bad stomach ache. These fruity drinks aren’t necessarily bad, but they sure as heck shouldn’t be considered a meal.