Hi, I’m Julie. I’m a San Francisco based wellness and lifestyle blogger.

I have been on a health journey for about 4 years, and have stumbled many times along the way. In the past, I didn’t enjoy working out and paid no attention to how what I was eating affected my mind, body, and energy. Around 2015, I realized this wasn’t going to be sustainable for me any longer. My first crack at getting healthy was a huge failure—I considerably limited my diet but without science (eating low-fat this and whole grain that). It was boring, limiting, and I didn’t understand the why behind what I was doing. I ultimately left that behind and felt completely lost.

About 6 months later, I read ‘It Starts with Food’ and got my first insight into the science behind nutrition. After that, I explored the paleo diet and went on to do my first Whole30. While I no longer follow a strict paleo diet, this way of eating truly changed my life. I still employ a lot of the principles of the paleo diet when I’m cooking form myself, and this gave me a way of eating that made sense, that wasn’t limited, and I loved the scientific explanation behind why it works. I found my energy increased, and I could finally enjoy working out.

Slowly but surely, as  I found ways to move my body that I enjoy and a way of eating that works for me, I started posting these aspects of my lifestyle on my Instagram and I found that people wanted to know more about this. While Instagram is a wonderful platform for quick interactions, I wanted to have a space where I was able to elaborate on things I posted about and give my official stamp of approval on. I created the first iteration of this blog in 2017 only to take it down a year later. I am excited to re-explore this landscape and share my journey with you all on the blog.

I’m always open to trying a new workout. Some favorites include yoga, spin class and biking, barre, and strength training. I tolerate running, but just barely.

I believe we should always keep learning. I am currently a Health Coach Training Program student at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I am getting reading to take on coaching clients soon, and will update through my site, newsletter, and instagram when these programs are live. I’m also always looking for a good book, podcast, or documentary recommendation surrounding wellness.

I am learning to be more in touch with my intuitive abilities through tarot reading, crystal healing, and my use of a pendulum. This realm is new to be, but I know I was destined to heal and I’m working through which modalities provide the deepest connection between me and the spirit world.

Overall, I believe in a mind/body/soul connection, and that if we ignore any of these aspects of our lives we can never be at our best. We must live in balance and nourish every part of our lives. As I work to nourish myself, I hope to inspire you as well to heal and live in harmony.

I live in Hayes Valley, San Francisco with my boyfriend Devlin and our two cats, Maude and Mathilda.